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When the guy who ruined her first kiss turns into a hottie… Does she risk giving him a second chance? 

Jenny Cowley has moved fifteen times in her nineteen years, never even lasting a year in any one place. Worse, she's never had a real kiss, not counting the gross, slobbery mess bestowed on her at age thirteen by her brother's friend. 

Cue move sixteen, and hopefully the last one. Jenny's back in her hometown, living with her brother and some friend of his while attending university. Fine. Whatever.


Except it's so not fine, when she arrives with all her worldly belongings jammed in her suitcase and comes face to face with her brother's long-lost childhood friend, Mr. Slobbermouth himself, who not only stole her first kiss but turned her off the idea of kissing ever since. 

Jenny is torn between the unpleasant memory of a gangly, awkward boy and the pulse-racing sight of a now broad shouldered, brown haired God with washboard abs. 

This semester will be one wild ride! 

Perfect for fans of Meghan Quinn and Christina Lauren. 


One-click your copy today! 

Title: For Crying Out Loud

Series: The False Starts #1

Release Date: 1 October 2021

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