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A destination wedding. A best man who could be Lucifer himself. A week of pretending. This can only mean one thing. Disaster. 


Reagan Kennedy needs a date for her brother’s wedding — stat! — or her matchmaking great aunt will set her up with yet another orthodontist. A week of pulling her hair out of boredom? No, thank you. 

What’s a girl to do but get a pretend boyfriend? Except, the guy in question is public enemy number one, the guy who made her break girl code seven years ago. 


Jason Cowley would do anything to get his best friend’s geriatric great aunt to stop groping his package at every turn. Anything. 

When an opportunity arises to fake a relationship with the hellion’s great niece, he’s determined to secure the deal. Especially since he’s harbored feelings for her all these years. 


When the unlikely pair joins forces in convincing their families they’re together, everything combusts. 

Not only do their separate rooms turn into a newlyweds’ cottage, but with secrets piling up, and sparks flying their fragile ceasefire is in danger. 

For Reagan, with every moment she spends with the devil incarnate, it becomes clear there’s more to him than meets the eye. 


When a fake relationship stirs real feelings, will they let the past keep them apart, or give in to their hearts? 


A perfect read for fans of Tessa Bailey, Christina Lauren and Meghan Quinn. 


One-click it while it's hot! 

Title: For Heaven's Sake

Series: The False Starts #3

Release Date: 12 April 2022

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