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From the author of FOR CRYING OUT LOUD comes this romantic comedy novella about what happens when you find the one but the timing is all wrong.  



She's trying to get over her ex. He's trying to make her see he's her future. 

Backing singer Lola's life turns miserable when she agrees to go on tour with her egoistical ex. Anything for the band. The heartbreak gets worse with each new groupie.

Until one day, a guy literally falls at her feet.

Suddenly Lola decides a summer fling might just be the ticket to getting over her ex.

Summer fling? Rick has other ideas. When he falls at Lola's feet that day on the beach, he falls hard, and he's not afraid to fight for what he knows is very, very right.


Can Rick convince Lola he's more than just a fling? And can Lola see past her failed relationship to realize Rick is everything she's ever wanted? 


Find out now in this instalove prequel novella in the False Starts Series.

Title: Forever and a Day

Series: The False Starts #2.5

Release Date: 24 December 2021

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