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I have a secret.
One that waltzed back into my life, threatening to ruin everything I've built.
She should have been dead.
She should have stayed away.
But she did neither of those things.
Instead, she came back hoping for answers she shouldn't seek.
And now I'm stuck, playing the role of her protector when I'm the nightmare everyone is afraid of.
I saved her once, but I was just a kid then.
Now, I have an empire to run. One that is crumbling because of her.
Will I find it in me to save her again? Or will I give in to my wicked desires and make her pay for the sins she doesn't know she's committing?

I need to unravel a secret.
I’ve lived all my life not knowing who I am or where I came from.
Now, there’s a thread I can follow, and nothing will stop me from finding the truth.
Except there’s a man who’s determined to get in my way.
He’s angry.
He’s beautiful.
He’s ruthless.
They call him Saint, but he’s dripping with sin.


Mention of sexual assault of a minor (off-page)

Breath Play


Attempted sexual assault

Violence (including dismemberment) and death

Brief mention of human trafficking

Title: Ruthless Saint

Series: Empire of Secrets #1

Release Date: 23 Jan 2024

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